Flexographic Printing Sleeves are used to carry the print image on it.  The image is fixed to the flexo sleeve, which are floated onto the air mandrel by using compressed air.  Initially, Rubber or Photopolymer printing plates / continuous laser engraved Rubber and continuous photopolymer were on the machine cylinders directly, but since the images were not easily interchangeable and using multiple cylinders for several jobs lead to high costs and storage problems, Flexographic Printing Sleeves were developed.  The Flexographic Printing Sleeves are also known as ‘Plate Sleeves’ or Press Sleeves’.


Advantages of using Flexographic Printing Sleeves

Flexographic Printing Sleeves are important for the printing process.  They have a major influence to the efficiency and the quality of the print.  Flexographic Printing Sleeves reduce press downtime as the next job can be ‘Made Read’ on the sleeves whilst another job is running.  It helps in getting multiple jobs done without having to demount the printing plates or design image, thus saving time, energy and increases productivity.  They are cost-efficient, as they leave you with the opportunity to leave the design image in place, saving the continual ‘Make Ready’ costs for repeat prints.



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All Sleeve and Adapters are made and manufactured at Tamburini in Italyhttp://www.grafichetamburini.com/en/

Tamburini sleeve - HQ Speed
GTSleeve HQ Speed

Is a light-weight but robust sleeve for plate mounting.  It is available in all diameters and lengths also with antistatic features.

Tamburini sleeve - Big Sleeve
GTBig Sleeve

Is a light and robust sleeve for conventional plate mounting with adhesive tape.

Available in the following sizes:

Length – up to 3150mm

Diameter – up to 590mm

Thickness – from 1 to 260mm

Tamburini sleeve - Combi
GTSleeve Combi

Follows the Stork Standard diameters.  It is based on the HQ Speed and can be coated with photopolymer.  The Combi guarantees a top printing output even with the finest nets consequently adapters are not needed.

Tamburini sleeve - Ele Flex
EleFlex Sleeve

Follows the Stork Standard diameters and is completely coated by photopolymer.  This seamless sleeve is suitable for continuous printings.  This sleeve offers a high-resolution line printing or half-tone printing thanks to the thickness uniformity, which enables a perfect ink transfer.  This guarantees a very high register accuracy too.

Tamburini sleeve - Easy Block Sleeve
EasyBlock Sleeve

The best solution for big sizes.  Joining two half-sleeves, the laser direct engraving quality is reached even with a printing width over 1650mm.  This sleeve is also available with anti-static features

Tamburini sleeve - Speedy
GTSleeve Speedy

Is a light weight sleeve in fibreglass and epoxy resin suitable for several coating types, and available in thicknesses from 0.8mm to 1.4mm

Tamburini sleeve - Bridge Sleeve
GTBridge Sleeve

Can be realised in two different ways, namely aluminium or resin.  The material choice depends on the features of the printing unit upon which it is mounted.

Tamburini sleeve - Anilox Sleeve
GTAnilox Sleeve

Is the new sleeve devised for ceramic coating with plasma technique for laser engravings.  This sleeve is of fibreglass with an expansion layer of the inner core and it is coated with aluminium in order to assure an uniform heat loss that is produced during the ceramic coating process.  This makes the sleeve lightweight and consequently, easy to handle.