INOMETA is a technological leader for the development, production and finishing of technical lightweight design products made of aluminum and fiber composites such as CFRP and GRP. We are specialized in high-end and innovative lightweight design solutions, as well as the development and production of functional surfaces.

The product portfolio ranges from technical pipes, roller tubes, winding cores and web guide rollers to anilox rollers and printing adapters, and all the way up to highly versatile functional coatings. With our product range, we are able to cover the entire spectrum of rotating elements for the film, paper, printing and packaging industry.


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All Adapters, Mandrels are made and manufactured at Inometa in Germany

Inobridge Cp Proline, Proxline
INObridge CP Proline & ProXline

INObridge® CP pneumatic CFRP bridge adapter

High levels of economy and efficiency with quick print job changes.

INOMETA´s INObridge® pneumatic CFRP bridge adapter are developed for flexographic printing and offer the most economical solution available today for the best print results. This pneumatic CFRP bridge adapter has a high potential to optimise your processes over the long term, particularly when they involve quick print job changes and high production speeds.

The production dimensions for pneumatic CFRP bridge adapters include all conventional print lengths and print widths. INObridge® CP pneumatic CFRP bridge adapters are designed for printing processes with a speed of up to 800 m per minute.

Inobridge Cp Inopin Registration
INObridge CP - registration INOpin and INOlock

For the highest possible control accuracy between the ´mandrel and adapter, INOMETA offers the INOpin in a reinforced version for pneumatic adapters and the INOlock or INOslot registration, which is interchangeable and includes a replacement registration. Here the customer has the opportunity to exchange the defective registration with the replacement in a short time without having long production downtimes.

Inobridge Ch V2
INObridge CH

INObridge® CH hydraulic bridge adapters

Hydraulic CFRP bridge adapters – developed with high performance in mind, suitable for all types of machines from all manufacturers.

Hydraulic Adapters from INOMETA combine high output and best print quality with optimal handling and short set-up times while fully utilising the machine performance. The INObridge® hydraulic bridge adapter range is designed to the demand of everyday printing. The intended use of lightweight and high-end materials reduce the weight of the bridge adapter and ensure an easy workflow and fast print job changes.