We are pleased to offer high quality, sensibly priced Sleeve Storage Systems for the flexographic industry.  Our systems install easily and can be expanded to meet future storage needs.

The basic unit stores 200 sleeves.

Various designs expand this basic unit into 400, 600, 800 and 1,000 Sleeve Storage Systems.

The footprint of the basic storage frame measures: 4m long x 3m wide x 3.5m high.

Sleeves to 1300mm are stored [2] high in each frame.

More complex designs such as two level systems and systems with load bearing second level storage areas are available upon request.


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Rack Storage Unit Rack Design

The Basic Sleeve Storage System is made of [5] sets of welded steel frames designed to hold 40 sleeves in two rows of ten positions with two sleeves one above the other in each position.  Each sturdy frame is suspended from the heavy duty system storage support rails with four “life time lubricated” rollers that allow the individual racks to be easily slid for quick access to any sleeve.  The spacing of the support wheels eliminates any tendency for the frames to “rack”, insuring the easy gliding of even fully loaded racks by one man.


The initial design is shown graphically above.  The original MDX fabricated supports were replaced with “open” steel supports both top and bottom to conform to the requirements of the UK BRC.

What isn’t shown however is the latest design which incorporates an elastomeric material along the lower rails.

The material, selected for both its cushioning capability and long endurance, is permanently secured to the full width of the lower support frame with silicone adhesive. The elastomeric material protects the edges of the sleeves as they are placed into the rack.

NB Equipment LTD designs builds and installs storage systems of more complex designs. If you need to save additional space, two story systems are available. Systems with a load baring mezzanine have been developed. Enclosed storage units are also available.

In several installations, OSHA approved scissor lifts have been utilized to eliminate the need for employees to navigate stairways carrying any items.

In several applications customers have requested storage systems that are covered and/or covered and enclosed. For such applications NB Equipment is the clear choice for a quality system at an affordable cost.