Recy Technologies designs and manufactures complete systems for sorting, separating, washing and granulating waste, using our state-of-the-art technology to achieve the best possible results at each of these stages



These are technologies respected for their level of innovation, durability and operational reliability, reasons we are most inspired.

Sustainable development

Our research and development team is always researching revolutionary technologies and new models of sustainable development, producing products with more energy-efficient technology and water sustainability.

Environmental sensitivity

The problem is not the waste but how it is managed: proper information and education on its use and recycling would safeguard our planet and consequently improve everyone’s lives.


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All machines are made and manufactured at Recy Technologies S.R.L in Italy

Super Ext
Super Ext Dryer

The purpose of the machine is not just traditional drying of the material, but drying combined with preparation of the treated products for the
extrusion process up to the densification of flexible materials. It replaces all traditional drying systems


• Loading forcer for better material entry
• Control of the dwell time of the material inside the machine
• Temperature and humidity adjusted according to product requirements managed by special software
• Bearing supports designed with special cooling circuit

Bag Opener

The machine opens the bags from urban and industrial collection without damaging the contents, thus preserving the integrity of the
materials to be treated


• Self-cleaning system in case of blockage
• Single motorization for each rotor.
• Automatic temporary accumulation system to ensure a constant flow to the line even with irregular loads or automatic start
• Modularity of the rotor groups for maximum adaptability to the product

Buffer Tank
Buffer Tank

The purpose of the machine is the storage and dosing of material to ensure the correct flow of the product to be processed to the
line, thus going to optimize its efficiency. The stored light (flexible) material is easily unloaded without creating the “bridge” effect


• Uniform dosing of material by augers under inverters
• Electronic level control system with minimum and maximum warning
• Modular design to ensure maximum operational efficiency
• Maximum energy efficiency

Disc Screen
Disk Screen

The machine is designed down to the smallest detail to ensure maximum screening capacity with all types of products, from industrial to urban waste,
managing their sizes and types


• Different disc profiles according to the material to be processed
• Maximum flexibility in the size of the material to be screened due to customizable disc spacing
• Adjustable tilt for maximum screening accuracy
• High material throughput

Conveyor Belt
Conveyor Belt

The purpose of the conveyor belt is to transport different materials within plants. Depending on the need, it is made in various
executions for maximum adaptability to the products to be conveyed and the plant in which it is placed


• Sturdy supporting structure on adjustable feet for easy positioning
High-strength rubber mat
• Material containment side bulkheads • Execution in different modes depending on the products (concave, flat, rubber, with porters, rolling shutters, knee, etc)