This is a dedicated page for all of our products that we sell within the Flexographic and Blow Moulding Market.

New Positioning System

New Positioning System from MSCI Servis d.o.o.

Magnetic Doctor Blade Chamber

Magnetic Doctor Blade Chamber from MSCI Servis d.o.o.

Automatic Washing System

Automatic Washing System from MSCI Servis d.o.o.

Sleeve Storage Unit

Engineer showing how to put sleeves into the storage system, and how it is easily accessible.  An NB Equipment Ltd Product.

Sleeve Storage Unit II

Engineer showing how easy moving the storage system is. An NB Equipment Ltd Product.

iPress Printing Machinery

iPress Printing Machinery from Flexofem S.R.L

A.Celli Experience Tour

Product Experience Tour

10 Litre Jerrycan

10 Litre Jerrycan Shell post cooling from OMMP Moulds

Shampoo Cap

Mould with automatic fast closing device from OMMP Mould

Household Flip Top Cap

12 Cavity Mould from OMMP Mould

Magic MTM

Magic MTM machine

24+24 ME L20 DT35 LS 1300 DEF

Magic 24+24 ME L20-DT35 LS 1300 machine