We offer a wide range of Washing and Distilling equipment into the printing sector.

Isolate and reduce the problems of pollution through distillation of solvent- based liquid waste from the production process and through the controlled emission into the atmosphere of fumes from washing solvents.

Propose interactive technical solutions between washing and distillation, aimed at rationalising the former based on the latter.

Accentuate our characteristic as a company that is strongly market oriented, by ploughing feedback from each new experience directly back into standard production.


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All machines are made and manufactured at Irac in Italyhttps://irac.it/en/profile/

CVP - Commercial Pails Crushers

In the recovery and stocking fields of the cans used for containing paints, inks, oils as well as all the tins and pots to be sent to disposal, the vertical hydraulic compactors of the CPV 3 series, represent the most rational and safe solution present today on the market.

The reduction of all the dimensions of these materials by at least one tenth of the initial volume, implies absolute economic advantages deriving from the possibility to save on their stocking, transportation and disposal, without considering environmental hygiene. The special shape of the crushing surfaces prevent the creation of overpressures in the can to be crushed, eliminating in this way, in the presence of liquid residuals, any dangerous jet. Moreover, the user-friendliness and the reduced maintenance allow the user to have an available and reliable equipment. When the cover is open, the equipment is provided with a safety device that protects the operator from any danger.

GLM - Manual Washing Cabin

Manual wash stations SE/SM GLM

GLM is a versatile and economic washing system to manually clean parts. It was designed and built to meet the specific needs of those working areas of auto repair (mechanical parts and tools), Pad Printing (printing clichés, or mugs), screen (frames and blades), label printers (small printing rollers, trays, cliché ), Flexo printing (anilox, plates, trays) producers and users of inks and coatings (pail washing) and, generally, wherever you need an accurate and effective cleaning process made by an operator.

AV - Solvent and Water Reclaimer

AV industrial solvent reclaimers have been designed and manufactured to meet the complex needs in the industry. The skills acquired over these years of experience in these fields, have enabled Irac to produce a wide range of solvent reclaimers and washing machines that ensures a high degree of flexibility and adaptability to every problem related to the use of the solvent.

The maximum productivity is ensured by the removable and interchangeable tank that allows clients to perform several cycles of consecutive distillation and collect the dirty solvent directly into the areas of use in the production area, also if the solvent recovery system has been installed in another safe room.


The electrical system can be supplied in ATEX EX II 3G suitable for installation in Zone 2, or ATEX II 2G EX (explosion-proof for hazardous areas) suitable for installation in Zone 1. Distillers Monoblock series are reliable and safe because they are designed and manufactured with expertise, in accordance with the strictest CE, ATEX and sold after an extensive safety testing . All the components used on ALPHA solvent recycling systems are UL Certified.

MAV - Automatic Solvent Recovery Plant

MAV industrial solvent reclaimers are the most automatic and economical solution today on the market, with active and passive safety devices to avoid any kind of problem. Irac S.r.l. has thought of all eventualities derived from misuse of an equipment like that, given with such quantities of flammable solvents, by the operator. It won’t be possible to choose the wrong recipe for distillation and create dangerous situations. In addition, with the option MEMOCONTROL, both Irac S.r.l. and the client will be able to verify and manage the machine on the WEB.

MAV industrial solvent reclaimers is absolutely stand alone, it only requires electricity, air and water. If also integrated with the accessory SGL autonomously manages also the inflow of dirty solvent to be treated and the return of the clean to wherever the client need.

VERSATILE) MAV industrial solvent reclaimers was born as a basic system, up to the most complete and automatic version, the various configurations are customizable with the help of a Irac Tech S.r.l. commercial, which will help you to choose the version that best suits your needs.

OPERATIONS) The most sold version, has the automatic loading of the dirty solvent, the collection of the clean solvent, and the discharge of the sludge. These functions 100% automated . The only operation for the staff has to do is to change the underlying container when too full of distillation residues, and he will be notified via level sensor installed on the container lid that closes and sealed the system.


The electrical system can be supplied in ATEX EX II 3G suitable for installation in Zone 2, or ATEX II 2G EX (explosion-proof for hazardous areas) suitable for installation in Zone 1. MAV industrial solvent reclaimers are reliable and safe because they are designed and manufactured with expertise, in accordance with the strictest CE, ATEX and sold after an extensive safety testing. All the components used on MAV solvent recycling systems are UL Certified.

LC Electra Evolution
LC Electra Evolution - Plate Washer

Available Models:
– LC Electra Evolution 450
– LC Electra Evolution 600
– LC Electra Evolution 900
– LC Electra Evolution 1200
– LC Electra Evolution 1500

Thanks to its speed (1 meter in 1.5 / 2 Minutes / compared to the previous 6/7 minutes) LC ELECTRA EVOLUTION is today the fastest and most efficient washing machine for printing cliches on the market.

The exceptional cleaning quality that distinguishes it, is the result of the combination of two technologies: 2 rotary brushes, and brush with the traditional alternating horizontal movement.

Through the use of special drawing rolls the operator can also enter clichés with different thicknesses, without having to adjust the pressure of the rollers.

Vertical Washer
Vertical Wash - Plate Washer for Corrugated

Standard model available:
– 2500 x 1700 mm. useful
– Available in custom sizes.

VERTICAL WASH washing machine for printing are exclusively dedicated to wash plates in corrugated sector with water based inks used in printing on paper and cardboard. These Companies have the problem of how to clean these huge plates, and often find themselves having to invent their own equipment, which clearly are not certified in accordance with current safety regulations, losing a lot of time, and anyway the plates washing is done manually.

VERTICAL WASH today represents the best solution to wash plates.

Roll Clean - High Pressure Anilox Cleaning Machine

ROLLCLEAN HP today represents the new concept for the cleaning of the aniloxes.
This machine reaches the best value for money.

The cleaning process follows 3 steps:

  • The automatic aspersion of the cleaning detergent (we suggest to use our chemical INKLEAN PRINT REMOVER) sprayed by means of dedicated nozzles, installed on a side of the washing bath;
  • The washing with water at high pressure. On the other side 2 special nozzles, made in titanium, are spraying the water at 120 bar (1,740 psi) that cleans the anilox deeply and efficiently;
  • The last automatic cycle is the blowing of compressed air that dry the anilox.

The entire automatic cycle takes normally not more than 15 min.
The chemical used in a closed loop has a filtering system which works every cycle.


  •  Rollclean HP 1100: Washing useful dimension 1000 mm
  •  Rollclean HP 1600: Washing useful dimension 1600 mm
  •  Rollclean HP 2100: Washing useful dimension 2100 mm
  •  Rollclean HP 2600: Washing useful dimension 2600 mm
  •  Rollclean HP 3100: Washing useful dimension 3100 mm
Ultra wash - Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment

Available models in both BASIC and TOP version:
– Ultrawash 1300
– Ultrawash 1800
– Ultrawash 2300
– Ultrawash 2800
– Ultrawash 3300

The ultrasonic washing units series ULTRAWASH have been studied for the washing in depth of Aniloxes (traditional or sleeves), engraved cylinders, engraved plates coming from the printing press.

Designed and manufactured by Irac S.r.l. to solve any problems arising from the washing of such parts, delicate, and also difficult to clean with traditional systems. Ultrasonic cleaning, according to various experiences in the field, now represents the type of washing less invasive and more delicate able to maintain the structure of the cell itself.

Instead of the old washing solutions ULTRAWASH uses much lower frequencies, multi-frequency, guaranteeing perfect cleaning and delicacy on the anilox. All this in order to avoid any damage, or worse the damage already present on the anilox.

Bik Wash - Anilox Deep Cleaning by means of Baking Soda

Standard available models:
– BIKWASH 2000
– BIKWASH 3000

Anilox cleaning is one of the main problems related to flexo printing, especially for corrugated companies that often have huge anilox rolls, difficult, or often impossible, to disassemble from the printing press for cleaning. For that purpose IRAC built BIKWASH INLINE, the cleaning system with sodium bicarbonate, that is directly applicable on the printing press.

Thanks to the installation of specific support plates, in fact will be possible to move the system to clean all the aniloxes on many printing presses. The usual IRAC philosophy has always been focused on flexibility, adaptability and versatility, and also for this equipment, which may seem simple at first sight, IRAC was studying several innovative solutions to obtain an effective and reliable equipment.

FL Basic and All Clean
FL All Clean and Basic - Flexo and Roto machines washing

FL ALL CLEAN and BASIC washing machines are dedicated to the cleaning of trays, scrapers, traditional cylinders, aniloxes, mechanical parts, etc …

The right solution when the cleaning liquid is well performing thanks to the chemical effect. FL ALL CLEAN and BASIC are characterized by a large internal container for supporting the pieces to be washed, surrounded by a series of fixed nozzles from which the washing solvent is sprayed.

FL ALL CLEAN and BASIC, compared to a simple soaking, are able to remove the pollutant with greater effectiveness, with the advantage of employing a minimal amount of solvent that si going to be recirculated.

The spray nozzles generate a mechanical action on the parts to be cleaned, the liquid particles generated by airless system (high flow pump with a pressure of 6-7 bar), sliding on the surfaces not directly affected, create a chemical action continuously renewed that corresponds to an effective washing.

FL ALL CLEAN has a moving basket carrying parts with longitudinal movement of 10-15 cm. to increase the maximum washable surface and improve the mechanical action.



  •  FL 1000 x 450 x 500
  •  FL 1600 x 450 x 500
  •  FL 2100 x 450 x 500
  •  FL 2600 x 450 x 500