We have introduced a new way of interacting between man and machine to create an even more user-friendly interface: slitter rewinders of the Smartech series.


All our machines will be equipped with an even more user-friendly interface. The new line of slitters includes:
– new control console introducing an IP65 fanless industrial Panel PC with a 15.6 ”Wide Touch-Screen
– Wi-Fi and LAN adapter for remote tele-assistance
– wireless keyboard with touch pad and a high resolution color camera, that can be used, at the customer’s convenience, to check various points of the machine, such as the cutting units or the unwinding reel.
In addition to the new control console it is also supplied a radio push-button panel for industrial environments, which allows the entire part of the shaftless unwinder to be operated. In this way the operator can perform the loading or unloading of the parent reels without being bound to the classic fixed controls.