Operating in the Flexographic and Converting Sector.  We are able to produce innovative and revolutionary products within the sector.

  • Rapid intervention and Safety at Work.
  • Accurate and quickly accessible information.
  • Complete turnkey solutions.
  • Maximum results with the most convenient economic impact.


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All products are made and manufactured at MSCI Servis d.o.o. in Sloveniahttp://www.msciservice.com/

Dr Blade 2.0
Doctor Blade

Built with new generations materials:
• Low weight 50% in less.
• Vibrations reduced by 50%.
• Built in repellent material.
• Repellent to water, solvent and acids.
• Long lasting, Resistant to water based inks corrosion.
• The fastet and easier Doctor Blade replacement.
• Minimal operator’s activity without tools.
Low Price than any other competitor seller.
Guaranteed 3 years (5 years of test) in use with:
• Water Inks, Paint and Primers.
• Solvent Inks, Paint and Primers.
• UV curable inks, Paint and Varnishes.

Washing System
Automatic Washing System

Features and Benefits of the new inking system and washing SW 2.0.

• Reliability and durability in the absolute time. (tested for 5 years before being product) • Excellent cleaning of Doctor Blade and dell’anilox.

• Excellent cleaning of all pipes. • Excellent cleaning pumps, since the system also cleans the inking pump.

• Super suction and drainage of residual liquid in the pipes.

• Ease of setting, both in the semi-automatic system in which automatic system.

• Possibility of varying the times and of the washing cycles setting.

• Excellent system of elevation of the covers.

• Extraction of the avoiding dripping ink container in the work area.

• Security container in the underlying part ink fl ow stabilised with lung.

• System to decrease the pulse pump.

• Pipes in PVC suitable work with corrosive liquids.

• Carter stainless steel.

• Fittings and stainless steel accessories.

• No electrical component inside the system, only pneumatic components.

• All installed components are certified and comply with ATEX Regulations.