We offer a complete range of machines for the application of tubular labels for both thermo ‘shrink sleeves’ and elastic ‘ stretch sleeves’, as well as an innovative stretch multipack system, and carry handles


Please check out below a list of products we offer with their specs.  Also please check out some of the videos of the machines


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All equipment is made and manufactured at Comag in Italy – http://www.comag.it/en/home-eng/

1 - ISLa
ISLa Machine

The ISLa (Shrink Labeler) rotary machines apply and shrink the sleeves in a single structure that includes the tunnel, taking up very little space – Less than about 2×2 meters; the container (either full or empty) is labelled and immediately treated individually in a series of closed chambers, where a jet of steam of variable-duration causes the label to shrink on the container.  This innovative technique allows reducing steam consumption up to 10 times compared to the traditional shrink tunnels, and in addition the steam stops – and is not consumed uselessly – when the machine is in standby


  • High speed rotary system
  • Space reduction due to the absence of a shrink tunnel which is integrated into the central rotor of the machine
  • Very compact machine
  • extremely accurate positioning of the label
  • Low consumption
  • The reduced exposure time to heat and the minimum quantity of steam required for shrinking
  • No brushes are necessary
  • Perfect shrinking on every shape and size
  • The system also allows labelling of empty containers
1 - DSF0504
PLH - Plastic Handle applying machine

The range of PLH handle applicators for the application of plastic handles on the neck of the bottles, thanks to the exclusive application system mechanically synchronized with the bottles in continuous transit, is able to guarantee the maximum efficiency and reliability in the application of the handles with simple operation, where one motor controls all the drives.

Possibility of applying rigid handles on containers of different sizes (both on single containers and on multiple containers to form a package).
The plastic handles are previously oriented by means of a vibrating hopper, which provides to align the handles. Through a gravity conveyor, equipped with jets of compressed air for the advancement of the handles, it transfers the handles to the “over-under” selection area which is carried out by means of an electronic device equipped with feelers and / or photocells for the determination of the right orientation.


  • Possibility of applying rigid handles on containers of different sizes and both on single containers and on multiple containers to form a package
  • Great Stability and resistance for packs and single products even of heavy weight
- 1
SLC Machine Series

Stretch Sleeve Continuous motion Labelling Machines.

This new generation of linear labelling machines for stretch sleeves, called SLC NEXT GEN (NG), differs from the machines of the previous generation, fully mechanical, mainly for the system that drives the principle dynamics of the machine, i.e. the alternate movements of the grippers and the central conveyor of the bottles. This version of the SLCs feature brushless servomotors, although still connected to mechanical cams, driving the main movements.

This solution merges the sturdiness and reliability of the cams system to the modern flexibility of the servomotors. Transmissions with chains connected to each other have been eliminated.


  • Stretch sleeves are made of polyethylene, a completely recyclable material cost savings up to 50% compared to shrink systems and ROSO systems
  • Less use of materials up to 30% compared to the use of shrink materials (smaller layout, lower environmental impact in terms of carbon footprint) 360 ° visibility
  • Bright graphics and intense colours
  • Perfect adaptation to the shape of the container
  • There is no need for glue or use of heat and therefore reduced use of energy
  • Full compatibility in terms of recycling, easy separation of the label from the container
  • Strong resistance to chemical agents The machine can apply labels on containers both full and empty of PET, PE, PVC, metal and glass, dry or wet
  • Resistant to UV exposure