Flexographic Printing Presses, for the technological developments and the production of special machines and equipment; for the sales/distribution and service of the products in the targeted geographic areas.


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All machines are made and manufactured at Flexofem S.R.L in Italyhttps://www.flexographicpresses.com/en-gb/home

iPress G flexofem

A modern Flexographic Printing Press that is capable to satisfy the present and future needs of the printers, according to the philosophy of the last generation of machines; Modularity, Versatility and Reliability.

iPress 880 iPress 1080
Number of Colors 8 10
Diameter of the Central Drum 1850 mm 2500 mm
Print Width 800 – 1400 mm 800 – 1400 mm
Print Repeats 300 – 800 mm 300 – 800 mm
Maximum Speed 400 mm 400 mm

iPress is indicated to satisfy the needs of;

  • Quick and pratical job changes.
  • User-friendly with touch screen interface.
  • Print repeats precision by the fine electronic calibration.
  • True job replication by data achieve recordable in the software.
Plate Mounter
Plate Mounter

This machine supports the pre-print preparation process of assembling the plates, and their anchoring materials (i.e. double adhesive tape), on the supporting sleeves or cylinders (plate supporting devices) that are later used on the printing machine.

The unit enables to locate precisely the plates on the rollers or sleeves, according to the model, axially (across the width) and longitudinally (along the circumferential).