NB Equipment Ltd are doing their bit for the Nation, in its fight against Covid-19

We are supplying a disinfection system – Hygienio – https://www.hygienio.com/ 

It is a rapid sanitizing technological solution that uses STEAM + disinfectant ADANTIUM PLUS (ADP).

In our case the nozzle not only emits steam, it emits a disinfectant solution (steam + disinfectant Adantium plus) that envelopes, reaches and kills contaminants that are present in the environment.

It is effective against biological agents that are or may be the source of infections.

The disinfectant (ADP) being applied in conjunction with the steam, deeply penetrates all types of surfaces, furniture and equipment of all kinds, even when it comes to rough or irregular material, acting against the contaminants and also eliminating the possibility of cross infection.