Some key advantages, as you hopefully consider, for this up coming investments

Ø Much Lower Power Consumption – CHEAPER POWER BILLS !!
Ø Smaller Chiller with respect to the hydraulic machines (the cooling is required only for the mould)
Ø Very low consumption, mainly in the dry cycles
Ø Constant and continuous (repeatability) of the cycles because we are not depending of the variations of the hydraulic oil;
Ø “friendly” management of the machine by the operators, even during the maintenance.
Ø Wide range of container products.
Ø Several accessories and processes available: “ View Stripe”, co-extrusion and multilayer, IML, etc.
Ø Very clean operation – Clean room possibilities : No Oil !

Today, with the ME series we are in the second generation and with the most complete worldwide range of models:

Ø 18 models and approx. 5 versions for each model;
Ø Max volume container 2 x 25 lt with double head (c.d. 340 mm) or 50 lt in single cavity;
Ø Max clamp force available (on b.m. model machine ME-L30-40/….ND (single shuttle) or D (double shuttle): 500 kN (50 tonne.)
Ø The ME series work with “recuperating energy system”; in fact the energy accumulated during the phase when the motors are braking, is later re-generated and put into the circuit.

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