Non Woven Products

Specialized in winding, slitting, roll handling and packaging.  The product range includes automatic knives positioning systems, automatic core cutting and shaft handling systems, multifunctional lines with printing capability and air-laid web formation technology.


Paper Products

Advanced System solutions for complete turnkey plants, rebuilding, rewinders for tissue, paper and cardboard, roll handling and packaging.



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All machines are made and manufactured at A Celli in Italy

Tissue machine
Tissue Machine

A well-defined production range in tissue machines. The outcome is tight array of options identified by the iDEAL® brand. The three different models are:

  • iDEAL®

Main features are:

  • Speed up to 2000 mpm.
  • Reel from 2.8 up to 5.6 meters.
  • Capacity from 60 up to 260 t/d.
  • Web width from 2850 to 5600 mm.
ACelli 35 - TISSUE REWINDERS - T100 3
Tissue Rewinder

A production range in tissue (as well as to paper and cardboard) rewinders. The outcome is an array made by five models:  T90, T100, T100S, T200, T200S.

Main features are:

  • Web width up to 5600 mm.
  • Speed up to 1900 mpm.
  • Max unwinder ø3000 mm.
  • Max finished roll ø 2500 mm.
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Paper and Cardboard Rewinders

A production range in paper and cardboard rewinders. The outcome is an array made by two models:  P100, P100H

Main features are:  

  • Web width up to 8000 mm.
  • Speed up to 2600 mpm.
  • Max unwinder ø  4500 mm.
  • Max finished roll ø 2400 mm.
Non Wovens Combi

The Combi represents the integration of master roll winding and slitting into a single operational concept merging the benefits of off-line slitting with the advantages of in-line winding.

There are three possible configurations:  COMBI with rails, COMBI with trolleys, R-WAY automated guided trolley.

Super Sonic
Non Wovens SuperSonic

SuperSonic is top of the range off-line slitter rewinder for large scale and latest generation fully integrated spun-laid lines designed to minimize the contamination risk.

Main features are:

  • Fully automatic slitter rewinder.
  • Tension, nip and torque control.
  • SLITTO-MOTOR shear tangential slitting.
  • Automatic cross cutting & finished reel doffing.
  • Space for integration of camera system.
  • Automatic positioning of the tails on the cores.
  • Motorized rider roll.
Packaging System

A modular and flexible packaging system designed to fit into any layout and adapt to different production lines and customer requirements.

Main features are:

  • Finished reel transfer from the production line.
  • Sorting of finished reels into bundles.
  • Reel labelling system (core and external).
  • Bundle labelling.
  • Reel and bundle weighing system.
  • Wrapping (vertical or horizontal).
  • Full width bundle handling capability.
  • Pallet application and secondary wrapping.

The advantages of this system are:

  • Less manpower.
  • No human mistakes during operations.
  • Workflow optimization.
  • Fail safe design.